Border Fence Icon


The Biden administration refuses to do anything to address the crisis that it has created by lifting Trump era policies. In Arizona, we are doing our part to secure our border. We deployed the National Guard on our own last year and allocated over $55 million to this support mission. Additionally, we are sending resources that will go toward physical barriers, enhanced surveillance, the latest drone technology, and more. We created the Border Strike Force and funded it. Which has resulted in stopping the flow of illegal drugs into the border in AZ. We are continuing to fight back against the radical left’s open border policies by sending those who cross our border illegally to Washington D.C. so that President Biden will take responsibility for his failed policies at the border. If the Federal government won’t finish the wall, Arizona will take a leadership role to secure our border.

Ballot Icon for Election Integrity


Rusty has passed 31 bills just this session to address the fairness and safety of our elections. These bills include cleaning up the voter’s records, showing voter ID, and finding evidence of citizenship to be a full ballot voter. Rusty understands the importance of voter confidence in the electoral process, and these bills along with many others will ensure that we can have confidence in the outcome of our elections.

Dollar Icon for Rising Taxes


As Speaker of the House, Rusty successfully fought the radical left and their attempt to pass massive tax increases. In response, Rusty recently passed the largest tax cut in state history! Arizona will now have a low flat tax, that will help voters keep more money in their pockets this year and fight Biden’s disastrous inflation. Rusty has cut the red tape of government and created one of the best states to own a small business, helping AZ become one of the strongest economies in the nation.

Law Enforcement Shield


Rusty has supported our first responders and fought the radical left who wanted to defund the police and open our border. Rusty’s steadfast support through funding of our law enforcement and first responders has earned him the support and respect of law enforcement all over the state of Arizona. Rusty opposes Biden’s open border policies and stands with those who put themselves in harm’s way to enforce our laws.

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